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Alex Silver-Fagan is a fitness phenomenon: a Nike master trainer, a published author, a yogini, a fitness model and a social media starlet. And like a lot of our readers, Alex is also a young woman learning the ins and outs of herself. In large part, her success can be attributed to the honest conversations she has every day, with both her followers and herself. When you open up an Instagram story from Alex, prepare to feel like you've known her your whole life. It feels less like a fitness guru (though she absolutely is) and more like a friend who knows her shit through and through. We met up with Alex on an early summer day to chat work, functionality, wardrobe, and what makes her feel beautiful. We also mixed in some awesome fitness outfits along the way.  


How do you think about style when you're dressing for work vs when you're off duty. How do you keep a balance in your look being functional but also something you're wearing when you want to feel like you're dressing up? 

Honestly, when I dress for work… I really don’t think about style. I focus on function and what I need to accomplish for the day. When I’m “off duty” is when I get to play which is why I take risks and explore my style more. Pairing sportswear and athletic pieces with some unconventional options makes me feel “on brand” but still playful. If I am dressing up a bit for work, I’ll choose a brighter training shoe or a fun jacket to throw over my spandex.


What's your go-to summer look? What's your current go-to sneaker?

My go-to summer look (when not working ;) ) is ripped jean shorts, a cute crop top, and either white converse, Nike Cortez, or Air Maxes. My current go-to sneaker is the Air Max 270 with the purple heel. It’s fun and adds a pop of color without trying too hard.


Your job in large part is finding ways to make people love who they are, be it through your thoughtful, genuine and honest dialogue on social media or through when you're training. For myself, a large part in loving the way I feel is the clothing I chose to put on my body - different strokes for different folks. When you think about the conversation you have with yourself, what's the most important thing that makes you feel beautiful?

I absolutely adore this question. First of all, thank you for your words. Secondly, the conversation that I have with myself is ever-changing and what I love about fitness and about being a girl is I have so many opportunities to feel beautiful, in really different ways. When I’m hyper-focused on a workout, sweaty, and out of breath I truly do feel beautiful because I’m proud of the capability of my body. It’s exciting to me and I crave feeling out of breath and sore. Because it’s a sign that I’ve pushed and I’ve gotten stronger, which to me is beauty. On the other side, I love dressing up on occasion and embracing my feminine side which also adds to the conversation that we aren’t simply one-sided. We can be versatile and beautiful in so many different ways.


Thanks Alex!

Photos by Erika Flynn 




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May 14, 2021

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