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Bianca Valle is someone who's definitely been at the top of our Instagram fashion crushes list over the last few months at Odessa Rae. The versatility in her style is something that we've always felt aligned with, and we get personal satisfaction when we see two pictures of Bianca next to each other, one as a dark punk princess adorned with grommets, the next a victorian blouse paired with light wash denim. We hold the principal that personal style is more about sartorial choice and the way the garment is worn, rather than the genre of clothing itself and Bianca is that living embodiment. She's also nothing short of a rising star. Artist/photographer/'do it all' woman, she's quickly making a name for herself in New York and we couldn't be more excited to get to know her beyond the double taps of Instagram. 

On a crisp fall morning, Bianca welcomes us into her Chinatown apartment. The living room is sprawling with light and greenery, her paintings sit lined up against the floor. We sip La Colombe coffee and get busy shooting. 


How'd you end up in New York?

I'm originally from Coronado, California. I moved to New York to attend NYU and now I'm hanging here for a good amount of time. I studied film and TV with a minor in art history. I loved it. It's actually pretty funny, I thought film was my passion but I quickly realized, if I didn't bleed film, making it in the industry would be really difficult. I tried to channel my energy into something else and realized I was really into fashion, art and that side - which is very accessible in New York. I veered from the film path but I owe all my photography skills to film school. I was good at taking photos before but I learned solid techniques at NYU, which was great. 

How do you balance your life so well? You have your full time job, side hustles I'm sure, photography, art? 

It sounds awful, but right now I'm really focused on me. I try and give as much as I can to my friends and the people around me that I love, but at the end of the day - I need to do what I can to stay sane. A lot of that is having a really well planned routine. I wake up, exercise, go to work, then see a friend for dinner or we go to an event, and then I make sure I get a good amount of sleep. I'm very much a weekend warrior. I get a lot of stuff done on the weekends, I'll paint, or I'll go out and shop, or get my errands done. Right now, I really want to learn how to cook - I don't even know how to boil a vegetable at the moment. 


What do you consider a good amount of sleep? 

I usually get 7 hours!

How do you stay so organized?

I do a lot of phone calendar reminders. A lot of lists, on my phone I literally have notes that say "to do" or "the plan". 


You're the community manager at V-FIles, how'd you land that gig? 

I graduated and got a job at Milk Studios as their community manager. Then I was asked to move over to Nylon to be their beauty editor. I was there for two months and then Nylon folded. I was vigorously job searching for two weeks and then got a phone call from Danielle who works for V-Files. I was really lucky that I was only job searching for two weeks. Because it's a small team, we get to wear whatever hats we want in a way. I write for V-Files news and also try to grow our community. On, we have a platform where young artists can come and make a profile. My job is to sift through those profiles and find cool musicians, cool photographers, cool models. The word cool is so transparent, my job is to find genuine people that have a passion and drive. 

What's your approach to personal style? 

I've always been a crazy dresser. I've always had an affinity for exuberance. I'm a Taurus so it's classic. I've always wanted to be extra in the things I wore, and when I was younger ignorance was bliss. I didn't care what people thought at all. I was always this little California girl walking around the streets with a bunch of thrifted clothes and bangles and everyone else was wearing Roxy and Billabong. Then I moved to New York and I was still pretty out there, but I think I'm getting a bit more streamlined as I get older. I still have a long way to go. I'm a new person everyday. One day I'll be street style, one day I'll be skateboard whatever, sporty chic, then the next day I'll look like I just stepped out of a colonial movie. 


Do you have any style inspirations?

To be honest, no. There isn't one person or group of people that I look back to and say they inspired me. I think it's mainly what I see on the street and on social media. We don't even know the amount of inspiration we get subconsciously, so I'll scroll on Instagram and then the next day I'll put together an outfit and be like, "hm, this looks familiar". 

What are your go to vintage destinations? 

L Train
The Vintage Twin
What Goes Around Comes Around
10 Ft Single

Any specific items you're currently on the hunt for? 

Yes! More vintage t-shirts. I have this one vintage Harley Davidson tee that I've worn to death, I'm always on the hunt for more. 

Thanks Bianca!



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May 26, 2021

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