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We're going to start this post off with an honest confession, we were a bit nervous going in to interview Nia. We first internet-met Nia when she was working at She wrote an article about our custom made vintage denim jackets and we catapulted ourselves into an Instagram hole studying her styling choices. Nia frequently wrote about vintage and her knowledge of the subject matter was both noticeable and enviable in her personal wardrobe. 

We meet Nia at her Clinton Hill apartment. Tree lined blocks and stoop sales are neighborhood staples. We couldn't imagine a more picturesque Brooklyn neighborhood if we tried. Nia shares her apartment with artist roommates whose work adorns the walls, equal parts beautiful and cozy. New Yorker by way of New Orleans, Nia's been a native for two years. Currently, she's the associate editor of emerging platforms at


How'd you make your way over to New York?

I always knew I wanted to end up in New York after school, so I started saving up money from working in the summers. I prematurely applied to jobs and got a call back to a website called I was in New York three days after I got that call back, got the job and then I moved! I was so ready, it was stressful because I wasn't prepared and ended up coming here with just a carry on suitcase, sleeping on my friend's couch for three months. The team at Racked was so young and curious and have a real interest in how real people wear clothes, it was a great place to be. 

How'd you make the transition to Vogue? 

I was working at Racked, was super happy but then got approached by Vogue to help launch their Snapchat Discover Platform, it was a new feature. I'm the associate editor of Emerging Platforms at Vogue. I'm able to write and also balance the social media side of things. 


What do you do outside of work? 

I definitely feel like I have to write for myself. On the weekends I set aside time to either read a book (editors note: her room is stacked with books on end) or just write for myself. I don't necessarily release my writing, it's just for me. At this point I'm trying to figure myself out. I'm writing about how I feel as a woman of color in fashion a lot, some of the struggles I have. Being away from my family. Being a 24 year old in New York trying to make it. That's pretty much it. 

What books are you reading right now? 

I read a lot of Zadie Smith [naturally we get distracted because Zadie Smith is one of our favorite writers, we digress, go into Nia's room and she pulls out her awesome collection]. A lot of Rebecca Solnit for personal essay type writing. My favorite author of all time is James Baldwin, I've read every single one of his books and I read "The Fire Next Time" over and over again. The stuff he's talking about race and being black in America still rings so true. It fires me up and reminds me to fight for the oppressed in every situation.
What do you like about your neighborhood? 

I'm just 24 but the majority of this neighborhood is young cute families with dogs. I just really like being a part of it. It's also still holding onto a bit of the culture with Bed Stuy right around the corner.

What's your typical Saturday? 

I wake up around 8AM. I make a New Orleans style coffee. I sit in the living room, read a book, eat bagels with my roommates and watch TV. Then I go on about my day, get out of the house, go to museums, hang out with friends, go to the beach if it's warm. 

How did growing up in New Orleans influence your style? 

Growing up, we didn't have a ton of money but my siblings and I never felt that. My parents never made it known that we were struggling. My mom would always take us to secondhand stores and I'd find cute things in there. Even though I wanted the new things my classmates had, I loved the things that no one else would have at consignment shops and thrift. I'm an entry level fashion person and I don't make a lot of money to afford high fashion. You can find designer pieces for less with thrift and it's cooler because no one else will have that piece. 


Favorite Thrift Shops in New Orleans? 

There's a place in the French Quarter on Royal Street called Bambi DeVille. The woman who owns it is amazing. The space is typical New Orleans. She takes care of her property and it's beautiful. 

Favorite Thrift in New York? 

10 Foot Single
The Break
Ritual Vintage 

Thanks Nia!

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