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Summer's Twitter bio reads, "you know me from Instagram". She's not wrong. If you're a fan of perfectly curated shots of a New York City lifestyle, chances are you've seen her feed. Diptyque's sit in perfect harmony with Aesop lotion and Glossier balms, a collection of books and magazines equal parts chic and equal parts sex are stacked in the living room, and of course luxury goods from Chanel, YSL and Gucci spill from her closet. Of course, we were most interested in the latter. 

We meet Summer at the East Village home she shares with her boyfriend Justin. Maison Louis Marie No. 04 fills the air and provides much release from the humid New York day outside. Summer's wearing vintage Adidas sweats and a t-shirt, juxtaposed by her perfectly coiffed blonde hair. 


How'd you end up in New York?

I'm from a small town in Virginia. I really do love where I'm from even more now as I'm getting older. I love anything that reminds me of my childhood and my family. Sometimes at a vintage shop there will be a Virginia sweatshirt or tee shirt. I always buy it. In the city I'm always seeing Virginia license plates. I take it as a sign that I'm right where I'm supposed to be in life. I was going to move to Israel two years ago, but I got cold feet. It felt like everything was about to fall into place, and I was just kind of scared. I was twenty and I didn't want to be so far away from my parents. My best friend had just moved to New York and I went to visit him and fell in love. A month later, I moved. I didn't have a job lined up or anything.

Was it scary to just drop everything and move? 
It was. Making friends was hard. I didn't really make any friends until I started working for Isabel Marant, where I met my two closest friends. My boss at Aurelie Bidermann was such an amazing mentor and helped me so much when I first moved to New York. 
How did you move from Isabel Marant to acting? 
I always knew that I wanted to be an actor but I'm from a small town with no artistic community. When I was in high school, no one did acting. There was no theatre program. I think it really was because of my boyfriend Justin. He does his own thing and he's always telling me to do my own thing. If he can make it in his own business, I can make it in mine. I didn't sign up for acting school until December and it was perfect - I knew that was where I wanted to be. After the election and Trump won, I wanted to do something that made me feel good. It was a way to cope with all the stress that was happening. 

What are your favorite spots in the city? 

I love De Maria on Kenmare. For going out, I love Max Fish and Beverlys. Dollar happy hour is great, love Ssel Rose. And Y7 for yoga!
What's your favorite vintage item? 
The day after Trump won, I was in LA. Everyone was really bummed and I wandered into a small vintage shop. The owner was this great woman, and I found the Chanel bag and she was like, you know what - it's yours for $200. I love the memory of that. 
What are your favorite vintage shops in the city? 

Metropolis for t-shirts and sweatshirts. I'm a big t-shirt girl and they're really reasonably priced. 

Thanks Summer!

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May 30, 2021

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